Android Mobile Banking Malware Risk Worsens

Security firm FireEye has released a report indicating the mobile banking trojan, SlemBunk, is becoming more and more sophisticated as the number of mobile banking users rises.  The malware is designed to attack Android devices and steals mobile banking credentials.  The original report identified at least 30 mobile banking applications that were affected, including those in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.  An update to the report indicates the attack is even larger than originally identified.   

Power Blackout in Ukraine Tied to Malware Attack


A Ukrainian news outlet has reported a recent power blackout that affected 1.4 million members of the population.  Half of all homes in the western region of the country were left without power for a few hours.  Investigators believe that the outage was the first time that malware has been used to facilitate a large-scale power disruption.   The “hacker attack” involved remote access to industrial control systems at a local energy supplier called Prykarpattyaoblenergo.


Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: An Update

The FFIEC issued a tool in June of this year to aid financial institutions (FI) in identifying and mitigating cyber risks.  The verdict is still out on whether or not this tool is a requirement, highly recommended or completely optional.  Upon first look at this tool in PDF format, it can appear confusing and cumbersome.  So let’s first break down the pieces of the CAT and then I’ll explain how Traina & Associates can help you with your CAT if you choose to implement this at your FI. Contine reading

Traina & Associates Named to 2015 LSU 100 for 5th Consecutive Year

Traina & Associates will be honored as one of the 2015 LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses during the LSU 100 Honoree Luncheon, scheduled for Friday, October 23, at the L’Auberge Casino Hotel Baton Rouge.  This is the fifth consecutive year that Traina & Associates has been honored.

The LSU 100 is hosted by the LSU Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute (SEI), housed in the E. J. Ourso College of Business. The event identifies, recognizes and celebrates the 100 fastest growing companies owned or led by former LSU students and alumni.

Traina & Associates was selected as one of the 2015 LSU 100 honorees based upon its compounded annual growth rate from 2011-2013. Other requirements for eligibility include having been in business for at least five years as of 2014, having verifiable revenues of at least $100,000 or more for each of the years measured, and having a former LSU student or alumnus either own 50% or more of the company or serve as the company’s chief executive for each of the years measured.