Welcome to my blog and thanks for reading. I’ll regularly share tidbits of information pertaining to the efficient use of technology, securing technology, the changing workplace and workforce and other thoughts that can help you improve your professional and personal use of technology.  If you are like me, you are alarmed any time you read the news and see a headline of a new breach or vulnerability.  Here we’ll dissect the latest data breaches and also discuss the current vulnerabilities you need to be aware of.

I founded this firm in 1999 simply to fulfill a need for IT audit services in the financial institution industry in Louisiana.  Since inception we have grown to provide audit and consulting services to businesses in multiple industries.  The same threats apply to all businesses regardless of the industry you happen to be in or the size of your organization.  Every business needs to protect themselves from the evolving threats.  Each week I’ll provide tips and suggestions on how businesses of any size can protect themselves and avoid being the next headline.