FFIEC: Mobile Financial Services

The FFIEC recently updated the IT Examination HandBook – Retail Payment Systems.  The new information can be found in Appendix E “Mobile Financial Services”.  Mobile financial services are growing in popularity and are radically changing how consumers pay for goods and services.  Convenience is key; however, that means new threats and risks are introduced into a consumer’s life. Contine reading

Cybersecurity Assessment Tool: An Update

The FFIEC issued a tool in June of this year to aid financial institutions (FI) in identifying and mitigating cyber risks.  The verdict is still out on whether or not this tool is a requirement, highly recommended or completely optional.  Upon first look at this tool in PDF format, it can appear confusing and cumbersome.  So let’s first break down the pieces of the CAT and then I’ll explain how Traina & Associates can help you with your CAT if you choose to implement this at your FI. Contine reading