What We Do

Cyber Checkup

The Cyber Checkup from CapinTech is designed to help your organization identify and reduce your risk from two common and high-risk cybersecurity threats: vulnerabilities and phishing. 

Cybersecurity Assessment

We can evaluate your organization’s cybersecurity risk to help identify any existing weaknesses and provide solutions to help address them. This service consists of a thorough assessment of your information security controls and a vulnerability assessment to identify any holes or weaknesses in your organization’s systems. 

Vulnerability Scanning

We can perform external vulnerability testing against your Internet-facing systems and internal vulnerability testing against devices on your internal network to identity potential vulnerabilities that may be exploited. Vulnerability scanning only tests for passive intrusion and does not attempt total vulnerability verification (penetration testing) on your network.

Penetration Testing

We can perform total vulnerability verification of the vulnerabilities identified in a vulnerability assessment. Penetration testing takes vulnerability testing to the next level and proves the existence of the vulnerability.

HIPAA Gap Analysis

We can conduct a comprehensive HIPAA Compliance Review to identify any deficiencies in accordance with HIPAA regulations and weaknesses in your Information Systems environment. We can also assist eligible professionals and hospitals in meeting the Meaningful Use core measure of protecting electronic health information for the Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Care Record (EHR) Incentive Programs.

ACH Audit

The ACH Audit reviews both the ACH origination and receiving processes to ensure compliance with NACHA operating rules and to satisfy the annual requirements for audit as documented in the NACHA ACH Rules. The ACH Audit is to be completed by receiving depository financial institutions (RDFI) and originating depository financial institutions (ODFI) by December 31 each year.

Vendor Due Diligence

We simplify vendor due diligence by collecting, evaluating and summarizing vendor documents and creating concise but informative reports. These reports provide relevant information that can quickly be evaluated and presented to your Board of Directors. Our summaries deliver the information needed to manage critical vendor relationships without the burden of document collection and review.


A variety of seminars, conference sessions and webinars are available for executives, directors, managers, IT personnel, staff members, customers and clients. We create custom presentations to meet your training needs.